Feb 5, 2009

Lets go digital

The office of the Administrator’s General office should consider digital storage apart from the manual
Enough of DBU/DCT wrangle lets share a different issue. After attending the Data quality protocol training conducted by National AIDS Commission (NAC) I have now realized the need for an organisation to have a data management system in place to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation

I think one of the offices that urgently needs digital storage is the Administrator Generals (AG) Office which among other services, handles death benefits for the deceased who served as civil servants.

The reason is that, it takes so long for them to help the benefiaries due to their manual storage. I think it is laborious and time consuming, because they handle multiple of files so them to take out one, it takes ages.

Most of the times, they will tell you that ‘Sorry come next month, give us time to look for it’. Now Imagine a person is coming from Nsanje to the AG’s office in Blantyre; he comes again as per the arrangement and is told that he should wait for another week, very frustrating isn’t it?

Yes technology has its own disadvantages but I think, the AG’s office would save time and energy by going digital.

We cannot be talking of making ICT accessible to everyone, if our important offices that hold crucial information are still using manual storage system. Zisinthe!

Some one called Sarah was asking me to give her contacts of schools in my area, to work on her assignment. I will refer you to the right person but then I need to know more details from you. You can write me using this address: pkalumikiza@developmentcom.org

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Andrew Mtewa said...

Is it possible for me to publish in your mag. some of my articles?
good to get in touch with an editor...

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